Healthy Aging

What must I do if I have low calcium levels?

The safest and easiest way to increase calcium levels is to add more calcium-rich foods to your diet. In case this doesn’t help, your doctor can prescribe a calcium supplement like Shelcal 500.

Does calcium deficiency impact bone density?

Since calcium plays a huge role in maintaining healthy bones, inadequate intake of calcium along with vitamin D can impact your bone density and make them weak and fragile.

Why do I need calcium?

Calcium is an essential nutrient that helps you build and maintain healthy bones and teeth. It also plays a role in muscle contraction, blood clotting, and nerve function. This means that your heart, muscles, and nerves need calcium to function properly. A balanced amount of calcium is necessary for people of all genders and ages.

Sources of Calcium

Which foods are great sources of calcium?

Milk, cheese, and other dairy items, and vegetables like curly kale, okra, etc. are great sources of calcium.

What are some non-dairy sources of calcium?

Non-dairy sources of calcium include almonds, tofu, chia seeds, broccoli, sunflower seeds, kale, sweet potatoes, and okra.

What are the best sources of calcium during pregnancy?

Dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese are the best sources of calcium during pregnancy.

Shelcal 500

Should Shelcal 500 be taken with or without food?

Shelcal 500 tablets should preferably be taken after meals.

Is Shelcal 500 good for muscle twitches?

No, Shelcal 500 is a nutritional supplement that does not play a role in controlling muscle twitches.

What is the difference between Shelcal 500 and Shelcal HD?

Both Shelcal 500 and Shelcal HD contains calcium and vitamin D3. The dosage of vitamin D3 is higher in Shelcal HD than in Shelcal 500.

Does Shelcal 500 prevent osteoporosis?

Yes, as a calcium supplement, Shelcal helps increase calcium levels in your body and improve bone health. This, in turn, prevents conditions caused by calcium deficiency like osteoporosis.

Why should I take Shelcal 500?

Shelcal 500 is a calcium supplement that helps you meet your daily calcium needs. It boosts your calcium intake, supports bone health, and helps you maintain optimal health.

Does Shelcal cause weight gain?

No, Shelcal does not affect your body weight.

Is Shelcal 500 good for diabetic patients?

Yes, Shelcal 500 can be consumed by diabetics if recommended by their doctor. Vitamin D3 and calcium, however, are not proven to lower blood sugar levels.

Is Shelcal 500 suitable for calcium deficiency?

Shelcal 500 contains calcium and it helps in supplementing your daily calcium intake, helping you deal effectively with calcium deficiency.

What are the benefits of taking Shelcal tablets?

Shelcal provides the following benefits: - Maintaining bone health - Enables bone growth and repair through quick and effective calcium absorption - Maintains optimum bone density - Improves muscle strength

Is Shelcal 500 good for health?

Shelcal 500 is a calcium supplement for bone health. It helps in increasing blood calcium levels and fulfilling daily calcium requirements.

Shelcal offerings

What is the composition of Shelcal 500?

Shelcal 500 consists of calcium and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) as the main ingredients. Calcium helps in keeping you fit and healthy and Vitamin D3 helps in better absorption of calcium.

Why should calcium be taken with vitamin D3?

Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium. Vitamin D is either derived from your diet or produced by skin exposure to sunshine, which can vary throughout the year. So in addition to getting enough calcium in your diet through food or supplements, you must ensure that you get enough vitamin D as well to help with proper calcium absorption.

Does Shelcal have vitamin D3?

Yes, Shelcal contains vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 in Shelcal helps in better absorption of calcium.

What is Shelcal 500 tablet used for?

Shelcal 500 is used as a calcium supplement to help you maintain your daily calcium intake and safeguard yourself against conditions related to calcium deficiency.

Shelcal consumption

Can Shelcal 500 be taken daily?

Yes, Shelcal 500 can be consumed on a daily basis. But, before you start or stop consuming any supplement, discuss it with your doctor to make an informed decision.

How many times a day should I take Shelcal 500?

The recommended dosage is one tablet, taken twice daily with food or as directed by your physician. To be consumed with a full glass of water or milk.

Can Shelcal 500 be taken with milk?

Yes, Shelcal 500 can be consumed with milk.

Does Shelcal intake pose a health risk?

Generally, calcium tablets are well-tolerated and side effects are rarely seen when taken as recommended. Few individuals may have side effects like constipation, bloating, gas, and an upset stomach after taking calcium supplementation. You should only take the dosage recommended on the pack or by your doctor.

Is Shelcal 500 safe during pregnancy?

Yes, Shelcal 500 tablets can be taken during pregnancy. Please consult your doctor about the daily calcium requirement in the different trimesters of pregnancy.

Can Shelcal cause kidney stones?

A long-term intake of calcium higher than the Tolerable Upper Limit (TUL) is known to have side effects. Consult your doctor if you have renal or kidney disease.

Should I take Shelcal if I have certain health conditions?

While Shelcal is safe to be consumed as per recommended dosage, please consult your doctor before taking Shelcal if you have any underlying health issues.

Will other medications affect the benefits of Shelcal 500?

Calcium can interfere with the absorption of some prescription medicines like antibiotics, thyroid replacement therapy, and others. Thus, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before consuming Shelcal if you are on other medications.

When should Shelcal 500 tablets be taken?

Shelcal 500 should ideally be consumed after meals or as directed by a doctor. When taken with food, Shelcal's calcium and vitamin D are effectively absorbed. For best results, it is suggested that you take them regularly.